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The month of September is a double-edged sword for the many like me, who adore seeing the changing colours of the leaves, whilst feverously clinging on to the lighter evenings that summer spoils us with. After the months of open toes, coat-free carelessness and flecks of al-fresco living, September alerts us with somewhat of a preparedness of the months to come. Putting on hard-shell shoes for the first time in months, is a shock to even the most seasoned of feet!

Human instincts act as signallers to this and our behaviours naturally change, as we usher in a new season. September, traditionally celebrated for the harvesting of food before the winter, gives our mind, body and spirit the green light to get ready for the worst, as though an apocalyptic darkness is poised to smother us for an eternity. We are of course, inflicted with darker nights, colder weather and if like me, the purchasing of at least three new oversized jumpers, so that I can become a chrysalis until March. Needless to say, we tend to overlook the beauty of this point of the calendar, because we are focusing on what lies ahead of it.

But what can this time of year teach us positively? Well, lots! Nature is a wonderous thing and if we pay attention to the natural rhythm of our surroundings, it can give us lessons that help us grow during this time. So, what does autumn cheekily whisper in our ear?

Let go! We, as humans have a habit of clinging on to possessions, thoughts and experiences. We are suckers for it! But in the main, holding these things tightly can often just cause more suffering and pain. Everything has its life cycle and autumn shows us with fantastic colour and beauty, how to let go of those things that no longer serve us well and to transition to a new state of being. Like the trees, humans can be left bear once burdens have been shed, however this new state is an opportunity for a stronger mindset, positive actions and an anticipation of the ringing in of a new chapter.

Take the time to notice details! Slowing down is key to this and only when we stop pretending to be Olympic sprinters can we realise that autumn is filled with sensory experiences, that can soften the most burley of us! Colours, birdsong and crisp morning frosts that begin to creep in, can be wonderous stimulus to begin reflecting on your own features and how we can work with our strengths, in order to better our lives.

Nothing is permanent, or it would be a ridiculously boring existence! The changing of the season is a time to realise that nothing ever stays the same and impermanence, rather than being something to be feared, can be used to our advantage. So, if there are changes in your life, embrace them. Surrendering to the flow of what is adjusting around you, puts your mindset in a better position to work with those changes, so that you develop a life that serves you well in the future.

So rather than skip a beautiful season to focus on putting your energy and thoughts ahead to winter, take notice of the lessons and be present in September. Let go, embrace change in order to move forward and grow. Be like Autumn!

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